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Unique Health Care offers on-site cholesterol testing. It is a method for identifying people at risk of Cardiovascular Disease (CVD)- it is the main cause of deaths in the UK. CVD includes the risk from Coronary Heart Disease (CHD), stroke and transient ischemic attacks, by evidence-based information (Nice 2006).

Cholesterol testing in general uses relatively small volumes of capillary, whole blood directly from a fingerstick, of which an adequate supply of test strips are maintained at all times. The usual product in use is the Accutrend of which site nurses will be familiar with its use and maintenance.

The system encompasses hand-held devices and compact desktop analysers. They utilise disposable, dry- reagent technology to measure total cholesterol in a small sample of whole blood. Test results are rapidly available with the potential to affect immediate management thereby improving outcome.

Information, leaflets and advice will be available if needed, i.e. If referral to other relevant medical teams. Lifestyle advice will be given accordingly to the results.

Taking the Measurements

The site nurse will explain the procedure for the test and gain the patient’s consent to proceed.

A relative small volume of capillary whole blood, taken directly from a finger stick and placed onto the test strip. This will give an immediate result through the compact desktop analyser.

When to Refer

If the result, again, is found to be raised they will be referred to the care of a GP, within the primary care settings.

Leaflets and further structured education training can be implemented into the care plan provided.