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diabetesThe Unique Health Care site nurse will offer and provide on-site Glucose / Diabetes testing which will be made available to all management and operatives, for the diagnosis of recognising any raised blood, glucose concentration.

The Accutrend™ is the usual product in use, of which the site nurse will be familiar with its use, maintenance and recalibration, according to manufactures instructions.

We would recommend that staff over the age of 40 with a BMI of 24 or above should undergo a routine diabetes test. This should be repeated on a 6 monthly basis.

Taking the Measurements

The site nurse will explain the procedure for the test and gain the patient’s consent to proceed.

A relative small volume of capillary whole blood, taken directly from a finger stick and placed onto the test strip. This will give an immediate result through the compact desktop analyser.

If the patient is found to have raised blood sugar reading they will be asked to return for a further fasting test.

When to Refer

If the result, again, is found to be raised they will be referred to the care of a GP, within the primary care settings.

The site nurse will be able to recognise warning signs of acute complications of Hyperglycaemia / Hypoglycaemia with newly or ongoing diabetic patients, and refer onto the appropriate services, for example, Diabetes UK or a specialist diabetic nurse.

Leaflets and further structured education training can be implemented into the care plan provided.

Diabetes Control Chart


Glucose / Diabetes Test Process